Maintaining a Timepiece  

A watch is a complicated piece of machinery that is subjected to the stresses and strains of daily life. Wear and tear is unavoidable so maintenance is key to ensuring that your timepiece is working properly. Over time parts need to be re-lubricated or replaced and gaskets and batteries must be changed regularly to guarantee that your watch is working efficiently.

If your time piece needs cleaning or repair, our resident watchmaker will work tirelessly to restore it to its original condition for you. We also perform warranty repair and replacement on all brands we sell and service. Please bring your watch in for a free diagnosis and estimate.

Some Brands We Service 

Rolex                 Movado         Ted Baker

Omega                   Gucci                 Michael Kors

Tag                         Bulova               Frederique Constant

Breitling                  Longines           Daniel Wellington

Cartier                     Seiko                Victorinox/Swiss Army

Citizen                    Tissot              …and many more

Watch Services and Maintenance 

  • Battery Replacement

  • Crystal Polishing/Replacement

  • Index/Frame/Hand Re-Attachment

  • Antique Watch and Pocket Watch Refurbishment

  • Full and Partial In-house Overhauls (No waterproof warranty)

  • Full and Partial Factory Service (Full waterproof guarantee plus cost of shipping)

  • Spring Bar/Pin Replacement

  • Strap/Bracelet Adjustment/Replacement

  • Time Setting and Adjustment

  • Crown and Stem Repair



Maintenance Description

Mechanical Watch

The overhaul of a mechanical watch is an incredibly intricate process. Cleaning and oiling of the movement is required and it takes hours to calibrate the balance wheel, escapement and time. The movement and its functions are checked to ensure they work properly. The case and bracelet are cleaned and polished and gaskets are replaced.

Quartz Watch

Quartz movement stops working when the battery fails so the battery is replaced and the movement and watch functions are checked. The case and bracelet are cleaned and gaskets are changed. Waterproofing guarantee is only provided when factory serviced, not when done in store.