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Watch Guide 

How to take care of a WatchFor a mechanical watch, expect to overhaul the watch every 5 to 7 years. This type of work requires the watch to be taken apart, components cleaned and lubricated, reassembled, gaskets installed and timing adjusted. Most watches are regulated and adjusted at a state of full wind. As the mainspring uncoils, isochronism error can creep in: it’s usually slight, but accuracy should be best with a fully wound watch. A fine watch is meant to be worn and enjoyed. It is a lubricated machine that is engineered to run 24/7One can either wind a mechanical watch (whether manual or automatic) to keep it running or use a watch winder to keep automatic watches wound. The key is to keep a good watch wound and running. There are sophisticated oils used for maintaining watches. Expect to have quartz (battery) operated watch overhauled every 7 to 10 years. They require less service work but will require a watch cell replacement every one to two years. Water-resistant types need gasket replacements when cells are changed. 

Don’t Wind your Watch on your Wrist.

When you access the crown while the watch is on your wrist, most people tilt the crown side of the watch up. That creates pressure on the stem, and I’ve seen them bend or break. 

Keep it Clean, but never with Soap.

A really dirty watch doesn’t look good. I just use a microfiber polishing cloth on the watch. A little water won’t hurt, assuming your crown is fully secure and you avoid getting the leather strap wet. But never use soap and water.  

Never Open your Watch by Yourself.

Leave this up to a watchmaker. Opening your watch can expose it to dust, dirt, and other particles that can get inside the movement, so it’s best to leave this up to a professional. 

Please bring your watch in for a free diagnosis and estimate. We are happy to help. We have a team of professionals ready to help.

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