Precious metals and gems are entities with prices that can fluctuate. The details in your appraisal clearly define the qualities and attributes of those metals and gems so that a determination of value can be consistently assessed over time. It is therefore best to have your appraisals updated every 4 to 5 years to keep your insurance coverage up to date, not to mention for your personal knowledge in case of a chip or missing gem.

Our certified gemologists are able to provide a full appraisal of any gem, diamond, piece of jewellery or watch.

  • A detailed description of the piece, including type/grade of metal, manufacturing, number and quality of gems (clarity, colour, cut, carat weight, grade proportions)

  • A digital photograph of the item

  • Appraiser’s signature

  • Date

  • Appropriate Value (at time of appraisal) – Value-based upon the needs of our client, whether settling an estate or insuring a favourite piece of jewellery or watch.


We offer a complete jewellery or watch appraisal service for insurance, estate, comparative, and qualitative purposes. All jewellery appraisals are graded to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards and are performed in our facilities by a qualified appraisers. Any issues that may need your attention, such as loose gems and worn prongs, will be identified as well while you are here.

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